Dec 6, 2011

Let’s face it: for a writer (aspiring or accomplished), a blog may be the perfect antidote for that most insidious of shared addictions—procrastination! We’ve all heard the advice: “Turn off the Internet” when writing. Yeah, right.

How often have you found yourself rereading emails, checking your favorite newsfeed, or even reviewing the movie times for films you might want to see—next month! Sometimes even hitting the gym elliptical is better than the thought of figuring out your current protagonist’s next move (and I hate to work out; I mean, I like how I feel afterwards, especially the inevitable follow-on Advil numbness, but…). So now I’ve got a blog—and on my very own website no less. (Little aside here: when those first short story rejections started rolling in way back in 2008—and roll they did—earning the publishing credits to reasonably justify my own site was as unfathomable as forswearing the use of adjectives and adverbs.) Perfect… Anytime my brain wants to remain on hiatus, or I’m out of Ibuprofen—brand name or generic—or it’s just too damn early to lay a little Absolut on ice, then I can post a clever missive and at least pretend I’m making an earnest contribution toward my daily word count. Speaking of which, any of you read Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing? He says that anyone can find their voice; just write 500 words a day for 20 years. Nice! So just maybe this blog will get me there.

And, with any luck, you’ll enjoy reading some of my work and exploring the site. I truly appreciate your visit; we worked hard to make the place appear pleasant enough—almost all the photos are my own and should evoke some aspect of their corresponding stories—and I do hope you’ll find words that compel you to come back.

Until then, keep reading, writing, and trying to exercise once in a while, maybe a nice walk…or a movie or two I can recommend, The Descendants and Hugo; of course, television’s nice too, Dexter, Homeland, The Daily Show, all good stuff…

Now what was I talking about?



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